Training Cable


10-20lb, 30-40lb & 50-60lb
$99.95 - $119.95

5-foot Training Cable compatible with all Slide-Lock components, to add variety to your strength and power training.

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  • Compatible and interchangeable with all Slide-Lock components

  • Builds strength, stability and power

  • Expands capabilities of any home gym

  • 100% natural long-lasting latex


This versatile 5-foot Training Cable is available in seven resistance levels – from 10 to 100 lbs. It is compatible and interchangeable with all Slide-Lock components so it’s the perfect addition to your resistance-training regimen. And the durable natural latex construction means they’ll last, no matter how hard you train.

This Training Cable is completely compatible with all Slide-Lock components. It’s easily swapped out in an instant, giving you different resistance for any functional movement to build strength and power.
Add any Training Cable to the proper accessory and you can instantly do all kinds of movements – from bicep curls to rotational exercises to squat presses. You can get it all from your home or even a hotel room.
Available in five different resistance levels from 10-100 lb, each Training Cable expands your home gym. Add them all and you have enough variation in resistance to create just about any workout you could want.
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