With exercises printed directly on it, the Trainer Mat clearly shows the muscles being targeted and provides a more complete, efficient full-body workout.

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  • 21 named exercises and clear visuals printed directly on it

  • Shows muscles being targeted to help improve your performance

  • Layer exercises together for a proven full-body fitness program

  • Patented program created by EXOS, the leader in human performance

  • 24” x 72” x 4.5mm thick premium mat material


Get a complete workout and mat in one. The Trainer Mat’s exercises include illustrations of the muscles being targeted and recommended sets and reps. Layer the exercises together for a full-body workout that some of the world’s leading athletes use to improve their performance and results.

With 21 named exercises and clear visual demos on how to do each properly, the Trainer Mat gives you a true full-body workout with proven results in one comfortable design.
Knowing which muscles an exercise is targeting helps you increase your focus and results. That’s why the Trainer Mat’s clear illustrations show you precisely which muscles groups are being targeted in each exercise.
The Trainer Mat’s detailed program includes the reps, sets and times you need to get a full-body, shape-enhancing workout—all in one comfortable fitness mat. Use it and its patented program to build the body you want and for yoga, stretching and all your other floor work.
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