6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb & 15lb
$469.95 - $779.95

Maximum grip, seamless pattern Med Ball offers exceptional control and consistent bounce-back. Perfect for upper body, rotational power and core training for stronger hitting, swinging, or throwing. 

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  • Train upper body, rotational power and core strength

  • Non-slip pattern offers secure grip

  • Improve hitting, swinging, or throwing

  • Perfect for multi-planar movements


The Med Ball is an innovative new spin on a classic training tool. The maximum grip pattern gives you exceptional control while the seamless design creates a consistent, reactive bounce. Train upper body, rotational power and core strength to improve hitting, swinging, or throwing.

Don’t let this seemingly simple training tool deceive you. There’s a lot of technology packed into the Med Ball. A multitude of movements combine to build the upper body and core, ultimately translating into great gains in rotational power and overall strength.
The Med Ball was designed with an advanced non-slip pattern to give you more control when you’re training. The surface makes it easier to keep under control, making it safer and more efficient in your training movements.
The Med Ball is pound-for-pound among the most efficient and versatile training tools you will find. Multi-planar training with the Med Ball creates a more efficient workout that can benefit multiple muscle groups in one movement.
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