24x8, 21x7 and 18.5x6.5
$2,499.95 - $2,999.95

Designed to build scorers and backed by research, the Goalshot trains players to shoot for the zones where they are four times more likely to score.

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  • Builds a visual focus on the zones players are four times more likely to score

  • Gives players max shooting reps with instant feedback

  • Builds the vision and muscle memory needed to increase scoring percentages

  • Now available in three sizes: 24'x8', 21'x7', and 18.5'x6.5'

  • Designed to fit the goal frame and sets up in minutes

  • Comes in its own carry bag for easy portability


Backed by research showing where top league goalies are scored on, the Goalshot helps players build the muscle memory and vision involved in scoring. Goalshot does things cones, targets and stand-in goalies can’t do: it creates visual focus on the specific zones where players are four times more likely to score.

Backed by multiple seasons of research, the Goalshot features the four scoring zones where goalies from soccer’s top leagues are scored on. It offers instant feedback and helps players easily identify the ideal placement the goalkeepers can’t get to.
The Goalshot’s scoring zones force players to visualize their shots before making them, blocking shots that are outside the areas where elite players score a majority of their goals. This instant and continual feedback helps players increase their chances of scoring.
Great scorers have the ability to focus their vision on a small target and hit it through a crowd, under pressure and with one or multiple defenders on them. The Goalshot helps players easily identify the places on the goal where they have the greatest chances of scoring, giving players the reps they need to build the muscle memory and visualization that increase their scoring percentages.
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